In the Studio



Strange Birds is an active studio & gallery dedicated to highlighting the original, unique, and curiously useful things we create as original, unique (and curiously useful?) human beings, particularly those of us who have been affected by trauma. One week we may feature original art, while the next we may clear the floor for a social event or unplugged performance. No matter how it comes out, the fact remains that we feel most whole when we are creating and sharing; we created this space as a platform for community, for catharsis, and for a good bit of shameless laughter and welcome feelings, regardless where you come from.

When you have a free weekend minute, come by to check out our art. Gift yourself a bit of vintage kitsch. Have a giggle at our clearly non-Minnesota accents. Or, just say “hi.”

Whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, we’d love to hear your story. And if you don’t mind, maybe we’ll trade you one of ours.